Shark Kid Book – How The Shark Reached Everest!


This is my creative, short, and interesting animal story for the children. I wrote the story for the children. In this story, I tried to depict that nothing is impossible in this mysterious world.

We must have a goal for our lives, right? The shark lives in the water, but how can he conquer Mt. Everest?

It is not as simple as a water wheel, right? It needs hard work, patience, and perseverance.

To reach his goal in life, a camel and a bear accompanied him. With their help, the shark came home victorious, and all animals on land as well as in water greeted him for his courage, patience, and perseverance.


The short story eBook is formatted like a catalogue. The children as well as teenagers can read the story well.

Pages: 24

Standard: 5 graded

Ages -10 to 18+

Very easily you can read the eBook and learn lesson. The EPUB ebook can be open in Kindle Previewer 3 kdp Amazon./adobe digital editions. You can download the free app to read the epub eBook for your knowledge and entertainment.

Printable version

Yes on request you can get printable version of this epub and you can print it out side of your computer. On that case terms and condition will apply.


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