About me

I am creative writer, designer and animator and my writings were appreciated and awarded by the un-trust fund, European commission, German government and DFID and others. I have been doing 3d design, texturing, and creation of low-poly version, rigging and animation since 2006.

 I applied new way 3d game verses movie making- that is if I can make movie and all products can be applicable to make 3d game- just like unity3d, unreal engine, cry-engine etc. this is the first time in the world.

I have Seven 3d short films along without anybody’s direct help and because in 500 km areas one person is not available quite aware of 3d design and animation.

 I along only designed, textured, rigged and animated my movies or trailer through mind generated ideas and so you will not find any reference on internet. A Creative mind creates whatever it needs to the concept.

I used lots of software to make my 3d films just like-3ds max, zbrush, maya, cinama4d, after effects,PS cc ,blender, substance painter, substance designer,PBR materials,megascane,quixel mixture a few  to name.

All concepts and scripts are made by me and some free sounds and music, hdr available I used from the internet.

 So before taking any decision you are requested to justify my originality in the field of 3d .

             Tapas Dey

Solo 3d Film & Game Maker

Concept- Design, Texturing, Rigging,

Animation, Environment & Post Production

One man made 3d films and games

Contact: what’s app-0088-01714-441027