About Me

I am one man 3d film and game maker-  I am specialized in conceptualization, designing, re-topology, environment making, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering-  always make  my knowledge  up-to-date but my resource is limited compared to studios in the developed countries.

I specialize in next gen creative digital characters, creatures and asset sculpting/modeling with over  years of professional experience for games tv and film and advertisement.

I am used to using best industry standard software and technology- and my objective is to get similar work from any reputed studios or company from any country.

View free videos and buy my products for your companies or you can place custom order too.

1.I sell my movies, short film, fairytale,3d story, Circus show, funny videos for website, companies and  studios.

2. I create  and sell-3D NFT, 3d nft art, 3d nft character, nft collection, nft digital art

3. I create and sell comedy, funny videos. Animal videos, dog and cats videos

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