Long waited tutorials on social Medias on how to make short film or movies. You are used to view  complex tutorials on all social Medias. If you have basic idea on 3d you can make movie, trailer or short films in no time. View more on my tutorial channel here

Just view 3d story board to short film sequence. How did I make? So let discuss in details step by step tutorial.

How did I conceptualize?  One day I saw a horse train on social Medias and most probably the train is still running in Pakistan.

Step:1 I conceptualized the train and I kept it in my brain. After one day I tried to remember it in my leisure time.  What did my brain show me? My brain showed imaginary storyboard on how to make movie? That is too much complex. Next day I refreshed my brain and viewed the very story board on how to make short film.

Step2: I made characters on zbrush, retopolized and rigged in cinama4d.I designed the horse train on c4d .

Step3:I used texture from substance painter, megascan, and quixel.

Step:4  I arranged 2d image free that reflects light  on the entire scene.

Step:5 I used simple camera  in different angel that suits my scene.

I have unlimited resources to make movie, 3dgames and solo learning time consuming and requires money.

 If you have no time still you want make to your favorite movie or cinema use my resources and just drag and drop approach. And you will get my help all the time you need. Would you like to test your first movie sequence?

Are your interested in making custom movie,3d short film with any individual or your life, kids programs, modeling car, train ship ?

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Hi, guys, I am passionate about writing, designing, rigging, animating and my writings were awarded by DFID,EC German government and international donors and other many donor agencies in the world. Till now I have made hundreds of shortest movies, several short films, trailers,3d Circus Show, 3d Games. I am a solo writer, designer, rigger and animator-no team, no company. Enjoy my works with your family. Help me- help the artists in the true sense of the term.

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