Tery asked mom,” Mom can‘t we see any circus show?” Mom said,” tery you can’t see  any circus show now in your target place because technology changes we now can see everything at home with the blessing of science and technology.

In the past people could not get this opportunity like us because in that time people would spend time by singing song, reciting and gossiping to each other” in that period circus grew and people  would be happy seeing dancing horses, elephant and other animals and  that was great for entertainment too.

Tery said to her Mon,” I will see circus show” mom said to Tery you can’t see any circus party near your city and sure I can help you see it  in Vr program online. Tery asked mon,”can I see an elephant playing with food ball?”

Ok let me try and search online where I can find your program and after many hours of searching tery’s mom found that  tery wanted. Sign up and view more & more interesting contents now!

Mon said to Tery,” General viewing you cannot understand anything you have view in details and feel in mind”  “Then you will be interested in what you are viewing “ mom said.

Tery views that an elephant interestedly place the balls where on his body, trunk ,tail and lags.

Tery said to her mom,’mom, can I play a ball. With the elephant “ mon said” yes you can practice playing ball with the VR elephant and it will make you strong  because it’s an exercise and with flexible body and mind you can do so.”

On the circus show what viewed was interesting and funny too.  An human lion king was dancing with music and a woman were speaking about the circus show and she was  also  dancing.

 The circus show was designed like physical circus show and not as good as theater shows.

  Many people including kids were viewing the show and from time to time they were clapping.

Tery’s day spent nicely with her mom and both mom and tery enjoyed much viewing circus Show online.

Tery asked her mom,” can I view this show every day” mom said yes you can view the show when you are free from school.

Tery went to school thanking her mom and mom went her own job..

Hi, guys, I am passionate about writing, designing, rigging, animating and my writings were awarded by DFID,EC German government and international donors and other many donor agencies in the world. Till now I have made hundreds of shortest movies, several short films, trailers,3d Circus Show, 3d Games. I am a solo writer, designer, rigger and animator-no team, no company. Enjoy my works with your family. Help me- help the artists in the true sense of the term.

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