Passenger Magmatic Train

Everyday science and technology changes as the changes the mind of the human. Now people do not keep their mind confined to four walls. They have lots of resources and technology to envision their future.

I personally envisioned a train that would run in the water, air and land. To implement my vision into reality I tried hard to sketch out a train and then I designed to it’s fullest potentiality.

In the movie the man and woman lost their favorite robot “mitsu”. The man made the robot to utilize it for his illegal purpose. The robot obeyed his owner for long days and this robot earned him a lot of name, fame and suddenly programming script of the robot changed into honest robot.

Now the mitsu does not do illegal advice of the owner even if the owner advice the robot does reverse. Due to this reason the sensors behaved like human and he did not listen to the owner and lost. Sign up and view more  & more  interesting contents now !

 The owner search him a lots of places, islands but he did not find him. A person suggested him to travel an island in long distant. How would he go there? No general train, no bus, no plane can travel that place except a magnetic train that will fly in the air, run in the land and water without any obstacles.

 So the owner of the robot placed an order to a big company that is specialized to make this magnetic train.

 After long days the train became ready and the company handed it over to the owner of the robot. The owner of the robot with his wife went out to search the island. The train run as directed.

 The train is so nice people never imagined how it could run on air, land water


When the train ran people gathered at the station to view it for moment and the owner of the robot was proud of him and said to people,” look at me “ I am the richest man on earth.

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Hi, guys, I am passionate about writing, designing, rigging, animating and my writings were awarded by DFID,EC German government and international donors and other many donor agencies in the world. Till now I have made hundreds of shortest movies, several short films, trailers,3d Circus Show, 3d Games. I am a solo writer, designer, rigger and animator-no team, no company. Enjoy my works with your family. Help me- help the artists in the true sense of the term.

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