Once upon a time there were a demon king and queen in the lonely island.

 The king ruled over the demon island and he would not tolerate any existence of human on the island.

Demons would torture on human and human would flyaway in fear of the demons. The demons were happy and did their work there without any obstacles.

However, world changes as the changes the technology and population is increasing rapidly. People could not live in the island due to presence of demons and the demons often chased them and sometimes killed human and would suck blood of the human.

 Many people in the past came here to re-occupy the island but they failed because the demons applied magic and hypnotized human and at last they would killed the human.

 A courageous man and a women came here and to reoccupy the island and they promised that either they would die or occupy the island.

A team of men and women headed by Robert and Maya arrived at the island and started their work soon.

 The owner  of  the island was mysterious by nature and he was in favor of the demons..

The king demon and queen organized a meeting in their cave with other demons. The main issues were on how to protect the island from the human. A lot of discussion was there but they decided they would catch some of human and keep in cage with their magic. Accordingly queen went in disguise and caught some human. Sign up and view more & more interesting contents now!

He knew that if he would betray with them they would kill the owner of the island. He would behave as if he were like other human. He would want his island be vacant by the other human and soon he would be a millionaire by selling his lands.

No one can kill the demons except two Ants.  A big tiger protects the palace and he moves here and there and he is so ferocious that no one can avoid him being killed. At the top of the cave a big demon displays magic power and any human can be killed with the influence of the rays.

 The cave of the palace was so secured that no human could enter in that palace and

Their life in the ants and if anybody can kill the or destroy ants the magic power of the demons would go for ever and they will be visible all the time.  Human can easily identify demons and kill demons with any fire arms

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