Once upon a time there was a bear and he would hunt in the forest. One day three friends went to forest to find new way of entertainment. The three friends spend their time in the forest and sometimes they quarrel and sometimes they love each other. This way they would spend their time in the forest.

One day they went to deep forest to find new animals, trees and flowers. Suddenly they saw a bear hunting deer and they enjoyed much to see that scene. They were three friends one man and two women.

The man knew how to swim, climb on the trees and 2nd woman also knew on swimming and climbing on trees properly. The 3rd woman did not know on how to swim and climb on the trees

Very often they are talking about each other on their best skill and 3rd woman only listened and repented why she did not learn those skills in the childhood. “No problem everybody cannot learn everything in life so don’t feel sorry”, said the man. We are here if you fall in any problem we will help you at least we are three friends together.

The 3rd woman trusted other two and they were travelling on the bank of a river. Suddenly the bear turned back to them and they thought that the bear was chasing deer’s or something else.

 They misunderstood and the bear was running targeting the three friends and when they realized the reality. They were running to save their own life.  When the bear came very near the man climbed on the tree and second woman followed the same way.

 The 3rd woman did not understand what she need to do and after running  sometimes  she was thirsty and did know how to call other friends still she insisted on calling other friends. They heard but did not help her save her life rather 2nd woman smiled at her by saying that bear should eat her and that will be the most funny day. Sign up and view more & more interesting contents now!

The man did nothing and smiled to her inability on climbing trees. The 3rd woman found no way and lay down on the ground and stopped her breathing for something and the bear run and stopped at her.

 The bear smelt and found that the body did move. The bear thought that it was dead body and by thinking so the bear went away. The other man and women came to her and asked “What did the bear tell her?” The 3rd woman replied, “Those who leave their friend in danger are beyond humanity.” By saying this she went away along the forest.

Other two friends realized their selfishness and felt sorry but never obtained the trust of the 3rd friend.

Keyword: selfish friends are better but more selfishness turns any individual into enemy.

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